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reusable packaging

We transform waste systems through design.


Are you a company looking to set up or improve a reusable packaging program?

We’re here to help.

We are a Reusable Packaging Design Firm and Product Supplier

By using our products companies can:

Cut packaging costs by at least 50%

Expand eatery networks faster and to a wider variety of markets

Decrease the carbon footprint of reuse systems by 25%

Most reusables aren’t built holistically

Re was created to supply reuse systems with containers optimized for their needs.

Our designs are guaranteed to be:

Lightweight, highly durable & long-lasting

100% commercially recyclable and BPA free materials

Airtight, spill proof and ventilated

Safe for recurring high heat dishwasher & microwave

Powered by Human Centered Design

A two year investigation to understand the needs of reuse pioneers

Over 1,200

deep interviews with
reuse stakeholders

2 years

of B2C product
development specific
to reusable packaging

25 years

combined product
and industrial design

# 1

project on Behance

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We are experts in reuse systems,
product design and manufacturing.

We are working toward a future where using resources to their maximum potential is
embedded into systems of production and waste management.

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